This site allows users to look up detailed information about a specific Discord user by their unique user ID. The information provided includes the date of registration, age of the account, username, and discriminator (tag) associated with the user. Additionally, the site allows users to see if the user has any badges associated with their account.

Users are also able to see the current avatar (aka pfp or profile picture) of the Discord user, including any avatar decorations that have been applied. The site allows users to view the avatar in maximum resolution and even download the avatar.

The site also provides additional features, such as counting the number of users with the same username and discriminator (tag) in the service's database. This allows users to see how common or unique a specific username or discriminator (tag) is among the Discord community. This feature is helpful for users who want to check for duplicate usernames or to identify groups of users with similar tags.

Overall, this site provides a comprehensive view of the user's profile and activity on discord that can be helpful for various reasons.

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